Comfort is Where The Hug Is

There is nothing more powerful than the moments you hug your baby and the first hug feels like the rest of the world will slowly melt away and your life will be forever changed.

Huggies® knows how important a mum’s hug is, and nothing can be compared to the comfort it provides. That’s why, Huggies® Dry Pants is inspired by a mothers’ hug, so your baby feels as comfortable as they do in your embrace.

Nothing but the best for your active little one, only from Huggies® Dry Pants!

Huggies® Dry Pants is 2X Drier and specially designed in a 5-way Comfort Fit. The 5-way Comfort Fit ensures your baby’s body parts such as the waist, leg, and crotch area fits comfortably. An improved leg and crotch area means comfortable movement and better leakage control.

Good diapers play a key role in a baby’s health, well-being as well as their hygiene. Huggies® Dry Pants provide superior comfort and protection, keeping baby dry and comfortable.